Help me Bring Back Inside The Mind!

Here it is.

November 1st. Finally, after 6 months of planning, writing, connecting and grinding, it’s here.

I’m going to attempt to raise $100,000 in 30 days to bring back inside the mind.

While on the surface this may look like a single blog post with a call to action, it couldn’t be any further than the truth.

50 Guest Posts in 30 Days: Reality

If you’ve been reading this blog at all over the last few months, you’ll know the main strategy to promote the crowdfunding project (excuse me if I link to this multiple times in this post ;-) was publishing 50 guest posts in the span of 30 days.

And while I wrote all 50, only 30 got accepted.

Some felt I didn’t have a “big enough” platform yet, others felt that the information was not “simple” enough, and some thought my voice was “too strong.”

And some…well they just never got back…

Rejection happens.

A little piece of me went into every single article, and even though some said “No” I couldn’t be happier with the body of work that was created for this strategy, and I’m excited for you to read it.

Be Unstoppable

We talked about Resistance in Season 1, and how when you’re on to something great, the universe will do everything it can to shut you down. Bringing back Inside The Mind was no exception.

You could guess bloggers might turn you down, but with only 6 days until launch  Kickstarter said “no.”

I found a new platform and reformatted all of my creative.

With only 3 days to go, Hurricane Sandy took out the power and the internet :-/

I called AT&T, enabled tethering,  and switched the creative on 20 or so custom landing pages.

When I realized I needed to shoot slightly different segments for my custom landing pages, I went to my office to shoot, even though the Governer of New Hampshire declared a state of emergency.

Crazy? Probably.

Worth it ? Let’s hope so.

What We Plan On Doing For Season 2

First we want to increase the production values of the show by 10 billion percent.

If you watch the pitch video (here), you’ll notice that it looks and feels better. That’s just the beginning.

The budget I’ve created allows us to get better gear, like the BlackMagic Cinema Camera, Kessler Crane Kits, lights, a better studio space, as well as a salary for my editor. (I will find other ways to pay myself)

There was a lot of ground that we didn’t cover in the first season that we plan to bring to light, such as;

  • Email Marketing.
  • Conversion Optimization/Split Testing.
  • Launching a Product.
  • Web Design Philosophy.
  • Community Building/Finding Your Tribe
  • And more platform specific things like Optimizing Twitter

We also have guests lined up to offer their expert knowledge in different areas to give you as much useful information as possible.

Something else we’ve been working on in our off-time is networking with different indie bands to bring a higher production value to our background sound.

We firmly believe collaboration is the lifeforce of the Internet and feel it would be a shame to not share our platform with other talented creators.

Another thing we felt was missing from Season 1 were action items for you to implement with your own presence. So for every episode, we will issue a new “challenge,” and ask you to report back if it’s something you choose to take on.

We want to add a members-only area to this site to keep you accountable to your Challenge assignments. There will be a ranking and reward system in place for those who take action.

In the members-only area you’ll find exclusive “members only” downloads, including: monthly live Q&A sessions with myself & other experts, discounts on reputable programs and the ability to network with other “Inside The Mind” viewers.

And here’s what I’m excited about: access will be free.

Now, with that said, this is going to take some doing on our end, and it’s not going to be cheap.

We will need your help. That is why we’re doing the crowdfunding project in order to raise the required funds.

We plan on sending the production values of the show into orbit in order to make it more fun, more engaging, and more appealing to a wide audience.

We also want to flip the “online marketing” world on its head and prove there are more ways to make money online than selling .pdfs, memberships and software.

If you’ve ever wished for completely free, without-strings, education, that is exactly what I aim to provide for you.

If we reach our goal, I’ll show you exactly how we did it.

We want to mainstream these concepts so they’re accessible to everyone who needs them, and by doing so, crush the competition from scam artists and hucksters who take your money and give you nothing of value.

If you’re interested in contributing, you can click either of the links below and find the reward tier that best suits you.

Please Bring Back Inside The Mind and thank you so much for your support :-)