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How mobile devices are ripping traditional media apart.

Cell phones are the harbinger of Death for Traditional Media.

The rise of mobile technology is probably the fastest and most understated paradigm shift our culture has ever seen. “Mobile” has enhanced the ways we connect with each other, redefined what commands our attention, given birth to new industries and decimated others like a force of nature. Mobile devices satiate our constant desire for on-demand […]

5 reasons your website sucks!(Part 5 of 5)

If you didn’t start at Why your site sucks (part 1) Go Away now! This is a step by step guide and if you start here I guarantee you that your site is still going to suck. However making it this far means that you’re going to get to finally start having some fun. If you […]

5 reasons your website sucks!(part 1 of 5)

(warning: this is an older series of articles from a previous blog in my younger days. I was a little more abrasive then, but still… it got the point across) Let’s face it. Your website is terrible. You’ve been losing visitors and don’t know why. We’ll explore the things you missed so your site will suck a […]

The #1 secret to Brand Marketing in Social Media is…

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to create an persona that embodies what the brand represents Recently I stumbled upon a conversation between Jeff Esposito (@jeffespo) and Keith Trivitt (@keithtrivitt) about the State of Brand Marketing in 2010. A point Jeff makes early in the conversation stuck out to me: A brand is a living and breathing symbol of a company. It […]

How to: Be Useful

How to: Be useful

If you’re  looking around for social media tips, three phrases will  pop up a lot: Provide value,  Be Authentic and Be Engaging. The problem with these phrases if you’re new to using social media to make money is they appear separate. The product/service will Provide Value and the “We care about our s…blah blah blah” is how […]