Coming from Duct Tape Marketing?

Get Ready to Journey Inside The Mind.

Hi, I’m Tommy.

Back in January of 2012, I launched a show called “Inside the Mind” which offered expert-level advice on online marketing, packaged with Internet-generation humor and professional editing.

The primary goal: Open source online marketing and make it fun and easy to learn.

For example, We provided detailed lessons on

  • How to create key performance indicators
  • How to raise your prices
  • How to make a comprehensive customer service strategy

We also celebrated our successes with dancing bananas

What happens after your KPI's have reached their goals.

A T-Rex would bite my head off if I used cliche’s like “Provide Value” or “Be Engaging”

Providing Value

And showed what a bad offer to a bad list really looked like


It was silly at times, but that’s what helped our viewers learn complicated online marketing stuff while remaining entertained.

This is our most popular episode!

Email subscribers also received exclusive bonus content like case studies on how I wrote a guest post that received over 3,600 likes on Facebook or interviews with world renown industry leaders, like Julien Smith.


Feedback on Season 1

It was one of the most scary, exciting, difficult and rewarding things I’ve done so far. I am unspeakably grateful for the positive feedback Season 1 received.

Season 2 Won’t Just Be a Show. It’ll be an Experience.

With Season 2, we want to increase the production values of the show by 10 billion percent.

Even though the production quality of the first season was passable, our budget and time constraints severely limited our ability to showcase years of video production experience, which in turn limited what we could do on the show.

A significant portion of the funds we’re seeking will be going towards outfitting ourselves with better equipment

  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Lighting
  • Camera rigs
  • Better microphones
  • More powerful editing suite
  • Actually paying my editor in something other than bacon.

Other costs include various softwares for production and marketing, more studio space, props, a full motion-graphics production package, a website to better showcase the series, and an an all-new membership area.

In terms of content, we’re planning on 22 more episodes covering topics like:

  • Email marketing
  • Conversion optimization/split testing
  • Launching a product
  • Web design
  • Community building/finding your tribe
  • And more platform specific things like Optimizing Twitter

*All topics are subject to change depending on the needs of our audience.

But that’s not all!

Something else we’ve been working on in the off season is networking with different indie bands to bring a higher production values to the show’s background sound and in-show skits.

We firmly believe collaboration is the life-force of the Internet and feel it would be a shame to not share our platform with other talented creators.

Something we felt was missing from Season 1 were action items for you to implement with your own presence.

So for every episode in Season 2, we will issue a “challenge,” (and offer incentives) to go along with the lesson for those who are interested in taking their business to the next level.

Part of what makes these challenges unique is they will be a part an  Exclusive Members area.

More on that after this testimonial

Members Area with Exclusive Content

One of the biggest benefits Season 2 will bring is a members-only area on our website to keep you accountable to your Challenge assignments.

There will be a ranking and reward system in place for those who take action. Rewards could include things like books, consult time, free access to partners paid programs, and high tech devices like tablets or smartphones.

In the members-only area you’ll find exclusive “members only” content, including, but not limited to:

  • Monthly live Q&A sessions with myself & other experts
  • Discounts on reputable programs
  • The ability to network with other “Inside The Mind” viewers
  • Platform specific strategy maps and other actionable downloads

Currently, most online marketing communities of the caliber that I am proposing are hidden behind pay walls, which is why I’m excited to say: access will be free.

Now, with that said, this is going to take some doing on our end, and it’s not going to be cheap.

All of the funds raised here will go towards the production of the show - equipment, salaries for people that will help me, rent. I will find other ways to pay myself.


Rewards for this project are range from

  • Mp3 Downloads
  • Episode Introductions/signoffs/ask a question
  • Email Consultations
  • LiveStreaming access to the set on shoot days
  • Limited Edition “Inside The Mind” Teeshirt
  • High Level Group Coaching
  • “In Show” Commercials
  • I sing “Ice Ice Baby” for you at Karaoke
  • …and more

I’ve paid a lot of attention to detail when it comes to designing the rewards tiers, and many of the consulting and video production services that I offer are severely discounted.

It’s very important that I’m able to give as much as possible to you for helping Season 2 a reality, so I wanted to make sure I over deliver at almost every level.

If you have a thought for a reward that you don’t see listed, or you’re interested in what’s included at the 12K, 15k or 100K rewards tiers please send an email to


This is going to be awesome. Thank you for your support.

P.s Why are we doing this?

I believe much of the information about online marketing should be liberated. Not only that, but it should be fun to learn.

Too many small and medium sized business out there have either

A.) Been Taken advantage of by unqualified charlatans posing as “experts” or

B.) Didn’t  fully understand what they were getting into and wasted money on a credible service provider that just wasn’t a right fit at the time.

While the show is silly at times, the aim is to educate and empower business owners. We want you to be able to take your online marketing into your own hands and either run with it yourself, or make informed decisions when contracting outside help.

I demonstrate only the things I have done myself. I do not recommend or teach anything I haven’t tried for myself or my clients.

To fund Season Two, conventional wisdom says to launch an informational product.

However, I challenge my audience to challenge convention and do things outside of their comfort zone. What type of example would I be if I didn’t expect the same from myself?

It’s a risky move. But I believe together, we can do it.

I also want to lead by example and show that any subject matter can be made entertaining and marketable. If I can take a subject like Online Marketing and make it engaging, anyone can take a boring subject and spice it up with a little planning and creativity.

The growth of this show is a journey. Not just for me, but also for the people who watch it. As I experiment and try new things (and sometimes fail) I want to share those experiences so that we all can learn from them.

I started my career three years ago after getting fired from a retail position, and now here I am three years later raising $100,000 so I can flip the world of online marketing on its head. Will you help me?

In Case You’re Interested In Catching Up On Season 1… Here’s a playlist with all the episodes.

And a breakdown of what each episode is about:

  • An Intro To Online Marketing
  • How to Develop Content That Gets Your Customers Salivating
  • Building a Network Of Paying Customers
  • How to Develop Key Performance Indicators
  • How to Make a Sale using Social Media
  • The Perfect Landing Page Part 1. [Design]
  • The Perfect Landing Page Part 2. [Copy]
  • The Perfect Lead Conversion Outline
  • Lead Generation Costs
  • Lead Gen For Dummies
  • Overcoming Resistance
  • Spying on your Competitors
  • How To Raise Your Prices
  • How To “Provide Value”
  • How To “Be Engaging”
  • Why Customer Satisfaction Matters
  • New Media Formats You’re Probably Not Using (But Should)
  • Developing Your Brand’s Character
  • 101 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website
  • How To Get A Guest Post On a Popular Blog
  • How To Automate Your Social Media
  • How To Create An Online Marketing Strategy

Thank you again for your support. Let’s flip online marketing on it’s head!