Day 17-Conducting Killer Interviews & The Music Player App

Welcome to Day 17 of the 21 Days to a More Engaging Facebook Presence series.

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The purpose of this series is to help you build a deeper relationship with your customers so you can develop content that people will love interacting with, and products they can not live without.

The focus is on using Facebook for business, not just, “Get more fans” because first, having a ton of fans that don’t give you a ton of feedback is pointless, and secondly, when your focus is truly on connecting and deepening your relationship with your readers, “more fans” is a natural by-product of that connection.

One of the best ways to provide massive value to your fans

As well as establish your own credibility, is to do interviews with well known people in your industry.

So today, we’re going to cover how to conduct killer interviews with big names in your field, and the coolest way to make the audio portion of the interview available to your fans directly through the News Feed with Facebook’s very own Music Player App.

First we’ll cover the nuts and bolts of the app, then we’ll talk interviews.

Yes, the app is called Music Player, but don’t let that fool you, with this apps ability to publish a player directly to the News Feed, the optional “buy now” link, this application is a formidable solution for distribuiting interviews to your fans, as well as pulling in more subscribers to your podcasts or email lists.

To get the app plugged into your page go to

  • click add to page
  • select your page in the pop up
  • to upload mp3s, go to your page and click edit page, then apps on the left navigation
  • then click “go to app”

From here you should end up on a screen where you can add a track, then you choose your Mp3 file and click upload file.

The Mp3 must be no larger than 15mb or else it will not upload. Once the file is uploaded, you can enter the title, artist, album, a link to buy, and the description.

If you’re using this for interviews.

Your “song title” can be used to say who the interview is with, and what the subject of the interview is about.The “artist” is you, if you’re conducting an interview series, Album is the perfect place to put the title of your series, “Link to buy” is optional, but you can insert any link, which if you’re a podcaster this is the perfect place to link to your subscription page, or if you have a paid download available, this would be the place to link to the download page. Description is pretty self explanatory, but it should be noted that at this point, does not appear in the News Feed.

Once all of these fields are filled out, the audio is published to your wall and to your fans News Feeds. Not many admins use this app on a regular basis, which means when you use it, you’ll have no trouble standing out in the News Feed.

Ok, let’s talk about getting interviews with big names in your field.

Because doing this can provide massive value to for your customers, as well as quickly establish your crediblity and give you a context to develop a relationship with the bigger names in your field.

Think of interviews like dating.

A date is really just a context to possibly build a longer lasting relationship right?

You don’t just say hey let’s get married! Just like you wouldn’t go to a big name in your industry and say “Hey will you promote my stuff?!” You have to be a little more indirect. Yes, this might ultimately what you’re going for but if you really want to make it to that point, you have to go on the business equivilant of a date.

So how do you get a big name to agree to an interview if you have a small audience?

You surly can’t promise more sales or exposure if you’ve only got a handful of readers, so the only other thing you can do is provide meaning.

This is why it’s so important to know who you are and what you’re about. In other words, what is your mission? What are you so passionate about that it makes you irresistable. Once you find your mission, position your interview as a way for the big name to help you to acomplish that mission.

Derek Halpern of Social Triggers has done an incredible job of using his mission of using basic psychology to help online business owners convert passive into leads and sales. His point is if you know what makes people “tick” online, you’ll know the most effective places to include opt in forms, what words to use to get people to take action, and ultimately how to activate the “triggers” to get people to buy what you’re selling.

He’s used his unique approach to interview Chris Brogan and help him improve conversions on Kitchen Table Companies. His mission has also lead him to do similar interviews with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and Corbett Bar of

Derek’s mission: Help turn Random visitors into loyal subscribers is something that virtually every online business owner can relate to.

Find your mission

Something irresistable and position your interview as a way of the person you’re interviewing helping you accomplish that mission. Ask yourself , what can I dedicate myself to that’s so important, they have to say yes. Then make that the focus of your interview.

Once you’ve found that angle, it’s just a matter of asking.

Send them an email with “Interview” as the subject line.

It’s simple, but it works.

Then send an email like this example of something like Derek might use to set up an interview.

Hi Chris,

It’s Derek from Social Triggers. I’m doing an interview series to show online business owners how they can make minor tweaks to their websites to massively improve passive into passionate subscribers.

Most of these tweaks are simple things that most people over look, and really they just answer the question of “What do I do next?”

I know making more sales without being pushy is something you believe in, so I thought I would ask: would you like to be a guest?

If you have time, I’d like to do a quick walk through of one of your sites and just show you some of the areas that you could make some minor tweaks that would make a major difference. I can send you the changes in advance, and we can schedule it whenever it’s good for you. Just let me know.

Oh, and by the way, I’m happy to send you the recording after the call, and you can use it for anything you want. I know, I’m supposed to be doing this to sell, but I’m so passionate about it that all I really care about is spreading the word. Thanks for everything, Chris. Either way, I really appreciate you and everything you’re doing.

Now the power of this pitch is that it makes it really hard to say no without feeling like a hypocrite. Because Derek is asking Chris to teach his readers things he knows his readers want to know.

And Derek is giving him a forum to do it. That’s what you should be shooting for, find people who’s speciality compliment’s your own, where you’re the other half of the equation. Take this example and modify it for your mission, your speciality, and fill in the blanks. I think you’ll like the results.

So how do you actually do the interview?

Video interviews over skype are becoming increasingly popular as bandwidth restrictions are less of a concern. To record the interview Pamela for windows and IM capture for Mac are popular options as they give you the ability to record both audio and video and they are $25.91 and $49.95 respectively.

Because things can always go wrong with the recording of an interview,always ask the “interviewee” to record the interview as well, that way you’ll have two copies and the likelyhood of totally losing the interview gets reduced.

Remember too, different people learn different ways.

It’s a good idea to do a video interview first, then release the audio only version using the Music Player App that we talked about at the beginning of this video.

If you wanted to conduct your interview doing strictly audio, you can use as a bridge line and they will provide an Mp3 copy. The only downside here is the call quality tends to be a little “fuzzy” but where it’s free, it is a popular choice.

If you don’t mind spending the money, has better call quality and more intuitive controls.

The basic plan starts at $47/ month

If you’re doing Face to Face interviews.

Great camera’s like the Flip are avaliable for right around $100 and take high definition video that will make you both look good. The only thing to be aware of with these types of interviews is to be aware of both lighting and sound.

High definition can either make you look really good, or really bad depending on the lighting.

And generally speaking, the on board microphones don’t do a very good job at recording audio cleanly, especially if you’re any reasonable distance away from the camera.

So you might also want to look into picking up a couple of lavalier microphones for yourself and your subject to record audio that will sound infinately clearer.

Regardless of the production that goes into your interview, one universal truth still remains.

Great interviews are the result of asking great questions.

Most people are under the impression that interviewers are coming up with questions as they’re going along and the interviewee is answering on the fly, but this is rarely the case. Hours and hours go into preperation, and these are some of the things you can do to make sure you’re developing really good questions.

1. Avoid being boring.

Ask something new and interesting, something they’ll enjoy talking about. Big names get asked the same questions over and over again and after a while it gets boring. Read their blog, look into the news, use google to see what they’ve been up to recently, and go beyond that and find previous interviews to see what others have asked so you don’t end up asking the same exact questions. You can cover the same topics, but try to find a new and more interesting angle. Research will go a long way in helping you to stand out from every other person who has asked for an interview. And your questions are the chance you get to really make yourself stand out in their mind.

2. Never embarass them.

Best way to make sure you don’t do this is to only ask questions you’ll know they have insightful answers to. Don’t ask questions you don’t have any idea what they’ll say because it can make you both look bad. There’s nothing worse than getting caught off guard by a response and having that awkward silence afterwards. Remember, you’re not drilling for information, you’re trying to make an ally which leads us to

3. Make them look good.

Look for stories they’ve shared, then structure your questions around those stories. Design questions to make them look smart or funny and will draw those stories out. There’s nothing better in an interview than when you let your interviewee’s personality shine through. The more comfortable you can make them, the better you’re both going to look.

All of this takes time.

Interview prep should take at least 2-3 hours, between research & getting ideas for questions it’s not uncommon to spend this sort of time to conduct a memorable interview. The only real exception is if you already know the person really really well. If you know what stories they’d like to tell , and you know how to keep them from getting bored, this is the only time you can really “skip” the research portion.

But even so, always try to send your questions to them several days in advance so they can prep their answers.

Most people can’t come up with an eloquant answer on the spot and they know it. So they’ll also spend several hours before preparing notes they’ll use to get ready for the call. It’s stunning how much of a difference this makes on the overall quality of the interview.

Because everyone sounds so much smarter in the end.

Ultimately too, doing a great interview could lay the foundation for a good guest blogging opportunity.

And that’s it, that’s the end of Day 17 in 21 Days to a More Engaging Facebook Presence series.

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