MindFire Episode 1 – “Professional Networking Unleashed”

Ever wonder what it takes to establish a professional network of contacts that leads to promotional opportunities, foot traffic (if you’re a brick and mortar) & more SALES?!

In this very first edition of “The MindFire Chats” I’ll be interviewing three individuals who have built professional networks that allow them to do just that.

Our panelists are:

Kent Dean, Field Marketing Director of Rosa’s Cafe. He’ll be discussing & answering questions about community outreach and how being plugged into the local community has lead to more foot traffic into each one of the restaurant’s 35 locations.


Kent Dean - Director of Field Marketing Rosa's Cafe








Rich Thompson, a sales coach who very recently adapted his B2B/Corporate network to a B2C/small business network with great success. He’ll be answering questions about getting your B2B contacts to think outside the box & how that translates to more sales.

Rich Thompson - Sales Coach







and finally

John Herman the founder of New Hampshire Media Makers, Ford Motor Company named him a “Top 100 Web Influencer”. John has leveraged his network to raise 10’s of thousands of dollars for charity, win huge competitions, speak on the TEDx stage and be featured on sites like GigaOm and BoingBoing (to name a few) He will be talking about the time it’s taken to establish that network, and the give/ask ratio that is required to maintain it.

John Herman - New England's Most Connected Man







I’m BEYOND excited for this chat, and if you can make it, I think it’s going to be insanely valuable.

If you’ve had questions about what it takes to establish a strong network, leave them in the comments. Network is at the foundation of all online success, so I hope this chat helps :-)

Key Takeaways from this Episode:

  • Professional networking takes time in order to pay off.
  • Always start your relationship by providing value and offering something that person couldn’t get anywhere else.
  • Value usually comes in the form of an “experience.” When you focus on experience vs products and sales, you’re able to connect in ways that make you memorable.


  1. Kerwin says

    Hi Tommy,
    I enjoyed the information presented here, thank you.
    Yes, networking does take time to pay off. I’m in the giving portion now and I love it. I’m meeting tons of people and just helping and getting to know them and vice versa.
    It’s a lonely road, but it has to be done.

    I like the format of the discussion and may do something similar in my niche, travel.

  2. says

    I thought that was really great. Getting a variety of different aspects really seemed to show some “cross culturalism” there that I may not have thought about before hand. I’m hoping the format gets smoothened out a little, but for a first run you did a fantastic job. To be honest, I clicked play with low expectations, but I actually came away with some things worth thinking about. Thanks for sharing, all of you!

    • says

      Thank you very much for that feedback Jason!

      Yeah, for the first run it was a little rough, but we’re getting a little better with each one. The one we did after this went much smoother, and I think as we keep going with it, it’s only going to get better :-)