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  • Chances are likely, if you’re reading this blog,  it’s because of the work I’ve done guest blogging.

    Even if you came here through a search engine, most of the back links come from the guest blogging opportunities I’ve taken advantage of.

    The tactic has allowed me to work with awesome editors. Learning from them has made my blogging a million times better. Keep reading: 5 Ways to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities Ft. Jon Morrow

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    MindFire Episode 1 – “Professional Networking Unleashed”

    Ever wonder what it takes to establish a professional network of contacts that leads to promotional opportunities, foot traffic (if you’re a brick and mortar) & more SALES?! In this very first edition of “The MindFire Chats” I’ll be interviewing three individuals who have built professional networks that allow them to do just that. Our […]

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    guest blog like a professional

    How to Guest Blog Like A Professional (& What You’re NOT Doing)

    Right now, from this point on, you take your blogging more seriously. You’re going to overcome resistance, stop being a virtual wall flower & take your professional networking to the next level. This time next year, come Hell or high water, you’re going to be somebody damn it. Guest blogging is what’s going to get you there. […]

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    The Myth About Guest Blogging

    The Dangerous Myth About Guest Blogging You Likely Believe.

    There’s this popular misconception that IF you’re Guest Posting for an A-List blog, THEN your blog will blow up. Readers will be like, “Hey you posted on that site I love. HERE, TAKE MY MONEY!” Before your guest blog goes live, you’ve preemptively increased your hosting, lest all these new salivating visitors crash your website because they’ve […]

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    Lessons Learned From Running An (Un)Successful Crowdfunding Campaign. Part 1/4

    That’s it. It’s over. The guest posts went live, emails sent out, Subscribers gained, subscribers lost.  Lessons learned. We didn’t crowdfund the full $100,000 we were looking for, but I believe what we gained  is more valuable. As we were running our crowdfunding campaigning, one of our supporters offered to build diy versions of the camera rigs, […]

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