The Cost of Words

It used to be that words had a cost associated with their production. Ink, paper, a typewriter; all tools necessary to bring the ideas inside your head out into the real world, legibly enough for everyone to read and understand. This meant that mistakes had a tangible cost. More importantly, you needed to choose your […]

MindFire Episode 1 – “Professional Networking Unleashed”

Kent Dean - Director of Field Marketing Rosa's Cafe

Ever wonder what it takes to establish a professional network of contacts that leads to promotional opportunities, foot traffic (if you’re a brick and mortar) & more SALES?! In this very first edition of “The MindFire Chats” I’ll be interviewing three individuals who have built professional networks that allow them to do just that. Our […]

The Art of Story Telling & Social Media Marketing

Storytelling, Marketing & Modern Media

“Marketing is a story” – Seth Godin “Stories are … the currency of human contact.” – Robert McKee “Great stories happen to those who can tell them” – Ira Glass On this second edition of The MindFire Chats we’ll be discussing The Art of Story Telling & Social Media Marketing with three experts with three diverse backgrounds […]