Day 8- How do I use Facebook When my Business is Boring?

Welcome to Day 8 of the 21 Days to a more engaging Facebook Presence Series.

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The focus is on using Facebook for business, not just, “Get more fans” because first, having a ton of fans that don’t give you a ton of feedback is pointless, and secondly, when your focus is truly on connecting and deepening your relationship with your readers, “more fans” is a natural by-product of that connection.

But sometimes you’re in a business that is just plain boring

And it’s really hard to get people talking to you.

Three fields that come to mind in particular are Medical, Real Estate, and Finance.

If you’re not in these fields, stay tuned because what we’re going to talk about today definately applies to you too.

Some topics just aren’t overly social.

Not many people like sharing their health information with the world, real estate seems like it’s only relevant a hand full of times in a person’s life, and Unless you’ve got money, nobody likes talking about their finances.

So what do you do?

One of the common things marketers do is talk about the problem they solve. you’ll say things like “we have the most skilled doctors to fix that problem for you” or “we work with the best banks, so we’ll have no problems getting you that mortgage” “or I can help you get out of debt”

But really, the most engaging “marketingisn’t about the problem you solve at all.

It’s about the problem they’re having.

If you were running a page for an Oncoloist

instead of saying ” we have the most skilled experts on nutrician” you ask things like “How have you adjusted your diet since you’ve started treatment?” or periodically share recipes that are generally “treatment approved” leading up to an event with the nutriciast.

By doing a quick search for chemo in the “posts by everyone” filter that we talked about in Day 1, you not only see what people are saying about their own and their loved one’s treatment, it also can bring you some very valuable information.

For example, I found this video that showed how many foods are shaped exactly like the organs they best serve, which was facinating to watch.

You can also share inspirational stories of people with a particular issue, and if you do ask questions that talk about the symptoms, make sure they’re heart felt, like “how do you and your family get through the hard times?

By flipping it around to make it about them, their families, and the issues that are going on in their every day lives, you’re doing three things.

One you’re standing out in their News Feed because you’re asking a question they have direct experience with.

Two, if they interact, they’re going to see how other people in a similar position deal with the same issue.

Three, you’ve established a brand character that shows compassion, rather than being self serving.

When they start sharing life experiences with each other, this is this is a true “community” not just you posting a message and pulling in comments.

It’s about them talking to each other and sharing their lives.

Admins of real estate pages have a similar issue.

Posting house listings and doing virtual tours will get old quickly, if you’re not mixing it up with a varity of other content. But what else can you post? Without a little variety, you’ll quickly burnout the people who have “liked” your page.

According to this study by Alexis Lamster the VP of s at Postling, 84% of Real Estate Professionals are using social media, and 55% of them are Comfortable doing so.

Instead of just talking about all of the awesome houses you have

Talk about the things that are going on in the area.

You could share articles that demonstrate how good the school district is, or review some of the best places to take your family.

Use yelp to find some of the best places to eat, then do a video interview with the business owner.

Start a discussion with local community members about all the good stuff going on in the area. Take Photos of some of the more picturesque places and events.

Buying a home isn’t just about the house, it’s about the community the house is in.

So by turning your “real estate” page into a hub for all the good things that are going on in the area, you’re creating a warm atmosphere for anyone who may potentially look at buying in your community. But you’re also forming relationships with the people who make up that community making you a much better canidate for their referral.

One of the hardest subject matters to handle on Facebook is finances.

Nobody likes talking about finances, and you especially wouldn’t want to share your finances with complete strangers.

So how can you tackle any issue that relates to finance?

Quite simply, you don’t.

You talk about the issues that surround Finances.

Commonwealth bank is a great example of this.

Recently they held a competition on their page to help support a community based organization.While you can check their page for the details, the competition basically made it so the bank was donating $175,000 dollars to various organizations, and it was up to the users to determine how the money was allocated, it was very cool.

They also use their page to update their fans of when maintenence will be happening to online banking and issues with the ATMs, so people who are connected can be informed of the problem before they face it.

Every now and again they’ll talk about updates to their very popular smart phone app or how to protect yourself from identity theft, but overall they make a point to ensure that their focus is specifically on helping out in the community, and it doesn’t make people feel awkward interacting with the bank.

Strong positioning

ING Direct, which has made a point to position itself as a bank for “savers” uses it’s page to curate content like “Planning your financial to-do list”, Videos of cute kids talking about saving money, share interesting tidbits about currency, and deals that are relevant to the holiday.

Now if you’re not a saver,this page may seem a little awkward for you.

But the key for ING is that they have a very strong positioning by talking specifically to “savers” and their goal is to help “savers” get better at saving.

Their about message even starts by saying “Proud to be a Saver? You’ve come to the right place.”

That’s the most important lesson

Whether you’re in a normal market or a generally boring market, knowing what you strongly stand for and talking about the problem your is having, will help your s feel more comfortable engaging with you.

In ING’s case, they’re not afraid to say “we’re all about savers” and exclude everyone else.

In real estate, you can make the decision to be “the family oriented company” or “the destination for profesionals” in medical you can be “all about support” or “Living life the fullest in spite of the condition”

If you’re having a hard time figuring out what you want your position to be.

Go back to the stuff from Day 1 to see how people are using words that are related to what you do.

When you find out how people are talking about their problem, you can better position yourself as the one who understands and is willing to listen.

I heard a phrase once that summed this concept up perfectly, it said “Decide what you stand for, live like you mean it” by doing this, you’ll attract a very specific type of person and when you both have an idea of who the other is, you’ll have a much easier time engaging with each other.

And that’s it, that’s the end of Day 8 to 21 Days to a More Engaging Facebook Presence.

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