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My goal is to mainstream online marketing.

You already know to stay relevant, you need to know this stuff .

I want to teach you.

Don’t worry though, I refuse to be another talking head in front of a whiteboard. This show is anything but.

Here’s what others are saying about the show.

 “…If you’re interested in creating good stuff, and you’re not subscribed to Tommy, then I can’t help you. BTW, the video’s actually kind of fun.”  – Chris Brogan




“Finally, a video about social media and marketing that isn’t ridiculously boring. :) ” – Johnny B Truant

 Help Me Bring Back Inside The Mind


Various Series

Inside The Mind (Season 1)

Inside The Mind started off as a challenge to myself to see if I could bring a little bit of humor to the online marketing space.

It was always something that I wanted to do, but only got the courage enough to start after reading Julien Smith’s “The Flinch” (Email subscribers receive an excellent interview with Julien Btw)

The goal of the show is to mainstream the concepts of online marketing by making the information fun and accessible to people of all skill levels. The hope is that by liberating the information, more people can freely incorporate digital marketing strategies into their businesses, and be informed enough to protect themselves from scam artists.

Click here to watch season 1.


Storytelling, Marketing & Modern Media


The Mindfire Chats

The Mindfire Chats is an experiment in live video that brings together great minds from various fields to discuss the core concepts of online marketing.

Our goal is to provide deep discussion with the experts that is free of industry jargon, bias, mechanics or politics.

Each hour long chat is guaranteed to change the way you think about the subject, and provide that “aha” moment to help you advance in that area with confidence.

Click here to watch.




The 21 Days Series

21 Days To a More Engaging Facebook was a free series that I ran in July of 2011 that focuses on using the different areas of Facebook  to develop content your customers can’t live without.

The 21 Days project was well received and covers different areas of Facebook Marketing such as Using Facebook Groups to Create Loyalty Programs (Day 9), Using Facebook Search To Gather Customer Intelligence. (Day 1), and Building a True Community On Facebook (Day 20)… Just to name a few.

While some of the information may be a little outdated at this point, many of the lessons are still very relevant and can be used to enhance your Facebook presence.


Resource Pages

This Landing Page resource guide includes links to all of my best work on landing pages to date.

Here you’ll find information on common missed opportunities for landing pages, different ways to use landing pages to build deeper relationships with your visitors, perfect copy, design, and conversion strategies and more.

This is also what’s considered a “living url” which means information will be added to it as we explore landing pages deeper

Click Here to view the Landing Page Resource Guide


Early Days

While I’ve been doing some form of online marketing strategy since 2005, my solo career was jump-started after being fired over a pair of pants.

Long story short, instead of getting mad about being fired, I decided to work for myself.

After two weeks 18 hours days – researching until I literally fell asleep at my keyboard in a puddle of drool – I was invited to a Super Bowl party, which ultimately would lead to the introduction to my first real client.

That was 2009, I’ve been on my own ever since.

Unreal right? Don’t let the storybook nature fool you.

It was not at all my first attempt.

The first time, I lost everything.

As a solo business owner, I’ve been taken advantage of, lied to, and borderline abused by a client or two.

If this is you right now, and you’re passionate about what you do, Don’t. Ever Quit.

And don’t sell yourself out, stand up for what you believe in, and eventually good things will come (if you fight for them)

More Recently

Flash forward a little bit, and I’ve written a massively viral guest post for Chris Brogan, I teach people how to regularly sell services at a higher price, and am able to make a decent living helping people do something I love.

And I’ve only just gotten warmed up.

If you’ve been running your business, you’d like to take your business to the next level, request a strategy session, because I’d love to help :-)

I don’t want to take up too much more of your time, so one last thing…

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Blessings and have a great day!

Tommy Walker



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