Stop looking for “Tips” You Lazy Bum.

Why are we so lazy?

I look at social media feeds and see tweet after tweet and post after post with generic headlines like;

“10 tips to Twitter Stardom”

“15 sneaky tricks to Facebook Page Success”

“The one secret tactic online marketers don’t want you to know”

I’ll admit it, I click.

But how is it we all play this movie in our heads?


  1. Click on the link
  2. Read something mind blowing
  3. Our business will explode into something huge.

You know it isn’t true, but the promise of a giant list of social media marketing tips is so enticing that you can’t help but click.

“Work smart, not hard”

We’ve devalued sweat equity and marginalized good ole fashioned hard work.

Learning your target market is hard work. Learning to write copy they find compelling is hard work.

Becoming an overnight success, is hard work.

I know, I’m probably preaching to the choir.

But are you really doing everything you can?

At some point…

we all become comfortable in what we offer.

We stop challenging ourselves to learn new things. But why? Why do we feel that we know “enough?”

Why do we stop seeking out new challenges?

What stops us from digging into the roots of our industry to unbury treasures from the past? What stops us from building things that will alter the future?

What kills the very spark that got us started and we begin to stagnate?

The answer is fear.

If do all of those things we know we should be doing but aren’t, there will be higher expectations. Higher expectations means more chances at failure.

So we do everything we can to not overcome the fear. We trick ourselves into thinking we’re being productive.

We read pointless “tips” posts. We spend all day on Twitter and don’t do a single thing we know will benefit our business.

And we forget

Those “tips” posts are made by people who are actually doing something.

They’re doing and experimenting with all of those things you are not. They’re putting new ideas into practice and seeing results.

They’re trying stuff that was published 40 years ago to see if the old principals still apply.

They’re mixing concepts like an alchemist to do something exceptional to blow our minds.


Looking for “tricks” Stop making excuses. Stop being comfortable.

Stop sabotaging your blog. Stop wasting your time.

Start doing something you can take pride in. Start experimenting and make your own “tips.” Do something only you can do.

Be fearless, the world will be better because of it.


  1. says

    Tips are gratifying. They are distracting ognects for me. I click and then evaluate, I am doing all of them or 4 out of 5 and it makes me feel good. Then I get back to work!

    • says

      Ah yes Haralee, and you’re doing something too!

      When you’re actually doing stuff, these types of posts are great to check against, but the reality is, most people are checking out these posts and glossing over the information without execution.

      In other news, I think you should connect with my friend Treacle over at Something tells me you two have a lot in common :-)

  2. says

    I agree with Susan, but would like to add that often I look for the *tricks* because I’m overwhelmed with the *hugeness* of the project.

    Big stuff can be crushing to the spirit, so sometime the tricks help make things doable. Especially for stuff I struggle with.

  3. says

    Tommy, I love this post. I agree that we look for easy solutions to complex problems because of fear. But sometimes for me it comes from exhaustion. There’s so much to absorb and learn that at times I’d love a short cut.
    But I’ve quickly learned there are none, so I have to pare back and slow down and learn the trade one step at a time. It’s not exciting and it’s not quick, but it gets the job done.

    But I’ve been told that ‘telling people they need to work’ doesn’t sell. Let me know how that turns out for you…cause I’d rather work with someone honest than someone who tries to sell me what I want to hear.

    • Tommy says

      :-D Thanks Susan!

      So far for me “telling people they need to work” has worked out pretty well. When you target people who are willing to put the work in, then guide them along the way, you get people who are willing to invest in their education and take their lessons seriously.


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