Make your own Strategy Map – Ep. 22

What is strategic marketing? Does it seem confusing?

If so, by the time you’re done with this video it should all make sense and you’ll have made your own strategy map.

So often when marketers are creating their online marketing strategy, they focus on the individual platforms and their functions. In a way this is good, if you have multiple people specializing in different disciplines of online marketing.

But if you’re like most of us, getting wrapped up in one platform will actually hurt you more than it will help you.

Hey What’s up guys? Welcome to the finale of Season 1 of Inside The Mind, the show where we talk about online marketing strategy, what it is, why it’s important, and why you should care.

We’ve covered a lot of ground in the last 21 episodes, each episode holding a piece of the puzzle for building your own strategy map plan for creating or re-invigorating your online marketing strategy.

In order to understand each element of a strategy map we had to break it down and rearrange it. Now, we’ll rebuild it.

The real order looks something more like…. this.

Let’s begin.

The very first step is to establish the goals of your strategy, as there is no map without a clear direction in mind. (Episode 1.)

Establish benchmarks and key performance indicators so that you’ll know things are or aren’t working. These may take tweaking as you learn about the process, and remember to keep your eyes open for unexpected results. If you’re measuring traffic with no growth, but your interaction ends up skyrocketing instead, you may like that better. (Ep. 4)

Scope out the competition for awhile. Learn what they’re doing right, and more importantly, what they should be doing better.  (Ep. 12)

As you’re doing this, make note of:

  • Weaknesses; poor customer satisfaction is pretty easy to spot but try to read between the lines on things like user experience on their website or bad communication strategies. (Ep. 16)
  • Gathering points; find the networks where people who are critical of the brand or brand evangelists gather online to voice their opinions (Ep. 3)
  • Commonalities; find what the haters have in common with each other and what the lovers have in common. This is the secret to making sales using social media. This can be music, hobbies, even geographic data like home state. This info is how you’ll get their attention when you’re ready to promote. (Ep. 5)

By building a relationship with these people, you’re laying groundwork for organic customer growth and opportunities (Ep. 20)

Use the information you gathered about what your customers love, and what they don’t like about your competition to develop a brand character. (Ep. 18) This is an actual personality that embodies your strengths and triumphs where others fail.

Your brand character will be the tone and voice that is underlying the four types of content that will stand out to your target audience. (Ep. 2)

Alright here’s the recap, we’ve got 4 different types of content, we’ve got
lead generation
and sales
and if you really want to be strategic about it, you have each of these pieces work together like pieces of a puzzle.

Intimately knowing your market helps you develop “engaging” content that tells a vivid story to your potential customer (Ep. 15) Plus, when you know what their burning questions are, you’ll know exactly what to research in order to create truly “valuable” content. (Ep. 14)

And using all this, you can determine whether new media formats (Ep. 17) will work in your favor. You may be able to incorporate live-streaming, .gifs, or podcasts somewhere in your strategy map. If you think your audience would love it, test it.

So, all that is basically the first giant step. Call it the “top of the funnel.”

Once you have a feeling for who your market is and the kinds of content you’re going to create, it’s time to explore ways to increase traffic back to your site (Ep. 19) Once you’ve found a few that work for you, look for ways to intelligently automate (Ep. 21)

Now, obviously, in order to make money, you have to actually sell something.

Using what you’ve learned about your market, create a landing page. Make sure the landing page design (Ep. 6) and copy (Ep. 7)  gently guide your prospect towards a buying decision.

This lead conversion outline works really well. (Ep. 8) Sign up for my email list below and I’ll send it to you.

It’s important to note that the fastest way to drive traffic to your landing pages is by using paid strategies (Ep. 10) So if you’re going to invest money in lead generation, it’s important to understand the lead costs (Ep. 9) involved.

Otherwise you could end up like…


Now. It just might happen that after selling your service for awhile, you feel like you’re not getting enough income for the work you put in. If you reach this point, it’s time to raise your prices (Ep. 13)

If things don’t go as smoothly as planned, take a deep breath. It is TOTALLY NATURAL to face resistance. You can and will overcome resistance. It’s just a sign that it’s time to turn pro (Ep. 11) and learn from your mistakes, without letting them stop you dead in your your tracks.

And THAT IS IT! That’s All I’ve Got for Season 1 Of Inside The Mind!

We’re going to be taking a few months off to get ready for Season 2 which we’ll be coming back in the fall.

But don’t worry this isn’t even close to the last you’ve heard from me. We’ve got a couple of really big things in the works, including a KickStarter project that I’ll be telling you all about soon.

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    Brilliant! I don’t know why I have not been strategic with my social media, but I know I want to be.

    I highly recommend software like PersonalBrain, xMind, or NovaMind for tasks like this.

    Digital, repeatable, shareable, and smooth.


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